custom skateboard design

It's cool that boards come in many sizes, right? The thing that is even more cool than that is there is no set size that one should have for a board. Deck size is merely a matter of preference - try one, try them all! 9W can bring them all to life, now you decide where to start!

Pretty awesome that you are not limited to a cookie cutter deck shape, isn't it! You pick it, we'll design it and deliver it to your door - then you can roll out and hit the streets in style. 9W is excited to create your new deck!

•100% Canadian Maple, the best wood for making skateboards, period.
•Made in Canada, right at the source of the best wood there is for making skateboards: Canadian Maple. We don’t cut any corners. This is the best there is.
•Printed in the good old USA!
Each deck is strong, has lots of pop, and is really light. Everyone at takes pride in the quality of our decks. We wouldn’t want to skate anything else. 
•All decks are by default medium concave. High concave decks are available by request only and are the same price as the medium concave. ***High concave decks MUST be requested at time of order***

Deck Tech Specs